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Latvian Skydriver Pulls Off The World’s First Drone Jump

drone jump

Drones are taking mankind to new heights, quite literally in the case of this incredible video! Latvia-based company Aerones has just broken a world record as they pulled off “the world’s first drone jump” last week using the monster 28-propeller drone.

The man towed with the powerhouse was skydiver Ingus Augstkalns, who dared to dream and trusted a drone to make the world record skydiving jump. The skydiver used a 393-foot communications tower as a launch pad and clung on to the handlebars underneath the drone as he went as high as 1,000 feet before letting go and landing using his parachute.

“Emotions are fantastic,” Augstkalns said in a statement. “It is obvious that we will experience an increasingly important use of drone in our everyday life. Definitely also my friends skydivers all over the world will be excited about these new opportunities. We live in an exciting time.”

Aerones hope they can use the concept and expand it to applications such as fire-fighting, human rescue and sports broadcasts.

Watch the incredible footage below!

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