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The National Flag Of Algeria – The Symbol Of Integrity

The beautiful national flag of Algeria includes two equivalent straight cafes, green and white-colored, billed in the middle with a red star and crescent. The white-colored shade symbolizes peace; the green symbolizes Islam; the red, the blood vessels of those murdered battling for freedom in the Algerian War (1954 to 1962) and the star and crescent signify Islam.

The flag of Algeria is in accordance with the flag, Emir Abdel Kadir used this Flag when France entered the regency of Algiers, an independent vassal of the Ottoman Kingdom. Abdel Kadir’s grandson Khaled and the Algerian nationalist innovator Ahmed Messali Hadj used the green-and-white flag in the Twenties as a rallying factor for those compared to France concept.

The flag was implemented on 3 this summer 1962. An identical edition was used by the Algerian government in exile from 1958–1962.

The design of flag is based on the conventional of Emir Abdel Kadir in the Nineteenth century which contains two equivalent straight groups, white color and green, as well as being motivated from the flag of the Algerian Regency from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth century, which contains a white-colored crescent and star on a red qualifications (the same as the contemporary flag of Turkey; the Algerian Regency was an independent vassal of the Ottoman Empire). However, for the most aspect its record is uncertain. It is also considered to be depending on a flag designed in 1928 by Messali Hadj, a nationalist innovator. White, green and red, along with the star and crescent have been used traditionally in Islamic nations of the countries.

Algerian delivers fly the national flag as their ensign, except for delivers of the Algerian National Fast, which use the national flag billed with two red surpassed anchor bolts in the canton as the naval ensign.

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Woman face painted with flag of Algeria

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