Laptops Will Be Chargeable By USB In Future

USB Charging – The Future

USB Charging – The Future 3USB conquered the world with its arrival. There was no reason for it to not grow like wild fire. It is easier to carry, great for data transfer and can also charge of your gadgets. Before USB, we had to swap the memory cards out and then access the files on our gadgets. Nowadays, there are certain upgrades in the USB family that have brought this technology to a whole new level.

USB 3.0 has made it possible to transfer data 10 times the speed at which it was being transferred using USB 2.0. Moreover, a newer USB design has made it possible to be connected in any direction and/or orientation. However, the next big bang for the USB industry is going to be the new standards that will allow for a USB to carry massive amounts of energy and thus making it possible for it to charge even bigger devices like Laptops.

USB Charging – The Future 4These new, upcoming, standards will allow the USB cables to be able to transmit about 100 watts of power which is enough to charge a laptop directly. Well not just that, it will also be able to charge other gadgets at a faster pace. This new USB will also be able to control data and power flow. It will detect how much power do you need for a particular device and supply power accordingly. For instance; if you’re charging your cell phone, it will use less voltage while if you’re charging your laptop, it will use higher voltage to get the work done.

USB Charging – The Future 2This particular enhancement is being given quite a lot of importance since this will change how we use USBs . USBs will become much more efficient and greener chargers than what we have for large devices right now.USB will also be less expensive and easier to carry. The biggest benefit would be that you won’t need to carry a number of chargers for your different gadgets; a simple USB cable would do. We already make use of it as a standard charger for small gadgets and it’s about time we took it to the next level. The cable will be available in 2014 and we shall see its complete implementation by 2015.

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