Kid Makes His Own Google Glass At Home

Clay Haight Google Glass2

This all began when Clay Haight’s grandfather decided to get him a book that explained how things are made and how you can repair everyday appliances. Clay was 8 years old back then but the idea stuck and soon enough, he started tinkering with gadgets and DIY projects.Clay Haight Google Glass

You would be surprised to know that he bought his first Arduino at the age of 10; it was an Uno. Now he has a number of them; Uno, Mega, Esplora, Mini, Ardweeny, Mintduino and his own DIY Adruino compatible board. When he was 13 years old, he saved up some money and bought a “Printrbot Simple”. Since then he has been upgrading it and printing projects and parts almost every other day.
Clay Haight Google Glass4
Clay Haight Google Glass2

This post, however, talks about his latest project that is inspired by Google Glass. Clay’s DIY Google Glass is quite peculiar and makes use of the Arduino Esplora and Arduino LCD screen along with a 3D printed frame. These smart glasses can be controlled via voice commands and allow Clay to bring up a calendar along with his schedule, maps and even weather information.Clay Haight Google Glass3

He has made use of a headband to make sure that the glasses stay put and don’t tilt to one side. He says; ‘Now they are extremely comfortable. In fact I wear them around my house and tell my parents the temperature just for fun!’

Although the results are not so good aesthetically, This is still pretty cool for a school going kid! Thumbs up!

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