New Innovative Keychain Ensures That Your Keys Never Jingle

titanium keybolt2

While a key jingle may be useful for distracting a crying kid, yet, the sound seems quite annoying as you grow old. The jingling in your pocket as you walk turns heads for all the wrong reasons and makes you look unprofessional. The latest keyring, called KeyBolt, is here to solve this problem as it uses a simple yet, ingenious titanium bolt to hold down your keys in a nice stack.

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/key bolt

Besides stopping the keys from jingling annoyingly, KeyBolt also turns your bulky keys into a neat stack that are easy to retrieve from your pocket, courtesy its minimalist, compact and slim body.

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/key bolt

Organizing the keys inside a casing means that you can put them into a particular order and thus, quickly select them with one hand without even looking at your keys. KeyBolt’s patent-pending fastening system will make sure that the keys never get loose and are kept together tight enough to be easily moved but not break into a jumbled mess.

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/key bolt

The company launched their Kickstarter campaign back in December, and since then, they have been able to amass $54,568 worth pledges for their $12 contraption. Probably not the most ground breaking gizmo out there, but a godsend for people who are particularly allergic to the shrill metallic noises.

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