Inventor Comes Up With Ketchup Slices That Will Never Make Your Burger Drip


Improvising is indeed a thing of today. No one likes dripping ketchup on their clothes and a company has come up with its solution. Bo’s Fine Foods is the company that has come up with the idea of ketchup slices. Emily Williams, the co-founder of the company, is the one who came up with this idea. She was fiddling around with his father’s barbecue sauce recipes when she was hit by the idea. The recipe was causing a huge waste of the food so she decided to take a different approach and ended up in producing a completely different way to enjoy ketchup.


Instead of wasting and throwing the braised produce, she mixed, grind, baked and dried the items. She ended up with a paste-like product which tasted like ketchup. She kept tweaking the recipe and then eventually produced the ketchup slices and introduced them to the market. She found a business partner who founded Bo’s Fine Foods and started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring the ‘Slice of Sause’ in the market. The Slice of Sause met its goal of $15,000 with 23 days still remaining.

Slice of Sause has transformed the traditional condiment aisle with individual “slices” of the Signature Recipe Ketchup. The Kickstarter campaign states, “Layer it onto your burgers, sandwiches, wraps and more for a delicious burst of flavor and a perfectly portioned bite every time.” Slice of Sause cannot replace the traditional ketchup since it cannot be mixed with complex sauces or dressings. Above all, you cannot dip fries and other similar treats in it. However, when it comes to burgers and wraps, it is a superior alternative to the centuries-old ketchup paste.

Bo’s Fine Foods sliced ketchup is made with all the natural ingredients. There are no artificial flavors, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup which are mostly used in the production of ketchup by other companies. According to VICE Munchies, Slice of Sause is not an innovative idea. Chef Ernesto Uchimura at Los Angeles created a similar product called “Ketchup Leather” in 2014. It was created with dehydrated ketchup which was cut into slices and was also meant to be used in burgers and wraps. It never made it to the stores but is still being used at Plain Check restaurants in LA. Uchimura told Munchies, “I looked Slice of Sauce up and I will say that the Slice of Sauce looks very similar to my invention and the story of how they created it seems thin. Opportunists are everywhere.”


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