ANSYS Is Being Offered To Engineering Students Free Of Charge


ANSYS is a very powerful software and most commonly used to run simulations by university students and thousands of firms globally. Being an engineering student is not cheap. The textbooks and equipment together with lab fees and industrial trips can become quite expensive, and if something free comes the way of students, it is very welcome indeed. ANSYS software is being offered to these students for their coursework completely free.

The first student download was launched in 2015 and the company has made sure to update the software every year for the students. Two of their featured products, namely ANSYS Aim and ANSYS Student, are being offered to the students completely free. We will take a look at the two products and see which features they offer.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

The ANSYS Aim is perfect for students looking to perfect their simulations. It provides a simple environment to try out even the craziest of ideas. It also has the ability to combine different engineering disciplines. The software comes equipped with a multiphysics variant, giving users the ability to put fluids, structural physics, and even electromagnetism all on the same simulation platform. The video below explains more.

The ANSYS Student is the most popular offer from the company to date and sets the stage for their other products. It’s the perfect way to get exposure to Workbench workflow, pre-processing, post-processing and solver programs. The Workbench group includes Mechanical, CFD, SpaceClaim, and DesignXplorer.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

If you have never used the software before, there is no reason to worry. You can visit the academic page and there are a number of tutorial videos that allow you to practice and perfect your skills. The student products are exactly similar to the commercial products. The only difference lies in the size of the problems the software can solve.

You can get your free software here.


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