This Jet Powered Merry Go Round Is The Ultimate Ride For Adults

Have you ever been fortunate enough to ride a merry-go-round? What if I ask you the same question but replace the swing with the ‘flaming merry-go-round’? No, never? We knew that already!

This flaming, rocketing, dangerous, and high-spinning pony ride will blow your mind!

Credits: Kina Smith
Image Credits: Kina Smith

This swing ride is a merry-go-round that is powered by jet engines. It can carry two passengers at a time. Both the seats are strapped with the jet engines that are placed right below the seats. Check out the amazing video yourself! Beware of high volumes; it gets pretty loud!.

This flaming ride is a collaborative project by the Madagascar Institute, a platform in Brooklyn for all the sculptors, artists, and welders to come together and work on joint projects. This carnival ride is both dangerous and unique where you can take off to reach the sky in a flame of glory.

Are you daring enough to try this scary yet interesting ride? Let us know in the comments’ section below.

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