Flat Earthers Think That This Solar Eclipse Just Proved Them Right

Do you know how NASA posts all these fake images of space to show how the earth is spherical? But the earth is flat, and this is what it looks like:

Image: Nation States forums

About 2500 years ago, the Greeks figured that the Earth is not flat and Aristotle put his life out to prove that the earth is indeed a sphere. You would think that people who think that the earth is flat have gone extinct but fortunately, they continue to humor us with their theories and interesting experiments. The Great Americal Solar Eclipse just moved all across the US on Monday, and it remains a hot topic, at least on social media. We imagined that it would have killed the theories of flat earthers, but amusingly, they came forward with more zeal and enthusiasm.

Scientists predict that the solar eclipses are based on the heliocentric model that has been believed true for years. The flat earthers have their explanation of the eclipse that denies the heliocentric model. The only reason NASA encouraged people to wear protective glasses is to hide the truth. Oh! And they do have an explanation.

Things did not change much after the eclipse because of the people like B.o.B, the rapper on Twitter. He appeared to show the skepticism on the eclipse explanations.

If that does not do enough for you, he answered with “Rahu” when he was asked to tell the cause of the eclipse. Yes, Rahu and Ketu, the mythological creatures of the Vedic astronomy. The NASA images were quite dumb too.

Another YouTube video appeared claiming that the eclipse is fake. The moon-shaped object blocking the sun was not the moon at all. You must better listen to the arguments yourself.

The weird lightning as the moon reached totality was quite fishy because we have not seen anything of the sort, have we? Why it is fishy and what could be the possible explanation? Well, we are certainly not getting one from the flat earthers.


If you want to understand the logic, you may dive into the twitter account @endtimesalert, but at your own risk.

Here is another detailed explanation for you and you may want to answer some of the questions asked in this video below.

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