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Japanese Students Are Making Mesmerising Artwork On School Blackboards

Blackboard Art Is A Real Thing And A Trend In Japan!

There are two kinds of students; the ones that can’t even wait to leave the classroom as soon as the final bell rings and the ones that stay behind that and use their creativity for creating mesmerizingly wonderful blackboard artworks. The second kind is found in Japan where blackboard art is a popular trend!

A couple of years ago, an art teacher and graphic designer from Nara, Japan by the name of Hirotaka Hamasaki became viral for his intricately detailed chalk drawings, Hirotaka had recreated famous paintings and anime and cartoon-inspired artworks. His blackboard masterpieces were able to grab the attention of millions from all over the world. However, Hirotaka is not the only one who specializes in blackboard art. The blackboard art trend has been taking over Japanese schools for many years now.

The blackboard art trend in Japan can actually be traced back to 2012 when Kotaku East published an article that featured three students who had spent a complete week drawing after every day after their classes. They had decorated the blackboard with amazing artwork inspired by One Piece anime series. The trend was covered the next year again, and this time even more amazing pictures from the same students were featured while also covering creations from various other schools in Japan.

The students that perform magic via blackboard art do it during recess or after the classes are over. They enjoy full support from their teachers who allow them to use the blackboards for many days up until they are finished with their designs. Blackboard art has become quite famous, and one blackboard manufacturer has already decided to make use of it as a way of promoting itself. Every year since 2015, Nichigaku – a chalkboard manufacturer – accepts submissions from hundreds of students all over Japan and offers prizes for the best entries. It has already published a book that has 250 of the best blackboard art entries since 2015!