Japanese Company Unveils A Thumb Attachment For Using Large Phones With One Hand


The next stop of technology train is at the weird station located at Japan where once again we will be facing a rather bizarre product. How many of you own smartphones with big screens? Isn’t it a problem when you can’t use that big sized smartphone with a single hand? The usual fix is that you’ll have to stop acting cool and make use of both hands.Finger-enlarger-smartphone-stylus-Japan-03 However, Japan saw this as an opportunity to introduce a cool and weird phone accessory which basically is a thumb extender so that the users can access the entire screen area with one hand.

Finger-enlarger-smartphone-stylus-Japan-02The gadget will cost you $14.50 and is capable of extending one’s thumb by 15 mm. The gadget itself has dimensions of 49mm length and 25 mm width. The internal width is stated to be 20 mm. The gadget is being sold by Ratoken, whereas it has been manufactured by Rare Mono.  There is a stylus inside that allows the finger to work with any touchscreen without any hiccups. Finger-enlarger-smartphone-stylus-Japan-04This gadget comes at the right time since there’s a rumor related to Apple which suggests it is releasing a giant phone; iPhone with 5.5” screen. Samsung is also marketing the Galaxy Mega Phone which comes with 6.3” screen.

thumb-shaped-stylusSo once you put everything in perspective; maybe the gadget isn’t really that bizarre. According to Ratoken; the thumb stylus has undergone a lot of tests and a plethora of changes pertaining to size, shape and positioning. However, this was the final result of all the tests and optimization. During the testing phase, they once almost came to the final product but were so indulged in its working that no one actually bothered to think about the color and the end result was a zombie look alike finger. thumbstylus01Thankfully, that was fixed and we have a final product. Check out the youtube video below for more details:


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