Japanese Artist Creates A Magical Book Which Glows From The Inside

magical book by japanese artist

A Japanese experimental artist has brought to reality the imaginations of thousands of fantasy and anime fans and has created a magical book. The magic book has letters which keep shining brighter and brighter as the reader reaches the conclusion of the novel. Uka Ohashi is an experimental novelist who is currently studying design at an art university. She created her magical book as a class assignment which is based on an actual novel that she wrote. The original idea was to merge the concept of glowing letters in an entire book with illuminated pages that make up the conclusion and light up brighter and brighter when the end approaches.



She started by cutting the Japanese characters into the pages of her book using a precise laser cutter and then stick them all in a book which had an LED strip glued to the spine. When it is activated, the LED gives out a warm light through the pages and create the illusion of glowing characters. Ohashi wrote on her Twitter, “I wanted to create a book in which the printed letters keep glowing brighter as [the story] heads towards its dazzling conclusion.”

The magical fantasy book is not commercially available for purchase. However, seeing the response of people over her tweet and pictures, it is likely to say that there is an interest of people for the book and perhaps Ohashi will release a version of her novel in a magical book form as well.

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