Japan Is All Set To Launch Its New Invisible Ghost Trains In 2018

The Seibu Railway of Japan holds the title of providing world-class high-speed bullet trains for almost over a century. Taking a step further, Seibu Railway is now moving towards near-invisible high-speed trains that can blend with the surrounding, and are nearly invisible and like a ghost, you can feel its presence, but you are not sure you have seen it or not.

The task of designing an almost invisible train was assigned to Sejima, the famous award-winning architect who has already designed a number of ingenious buildings. The unique thing about her buildings is that she uses semi-reflective and semi-transparent materials that generate an illusion of invisibility. She was tasked to bring the same invisibility to the trains as well, and that is the reason why she was assigned with this task of designing trains in spite of her not being an engineer.

The new train derives its name as ‘invisible’ or ‘ghost’ because of its ability to blend into the landscapes! Apart from the exterior, the interior too has been designed to give a living room feel to passengers. You travel in a near-invisible train and you feel relaxed as you do at home. Cool, no?

The new train has been named ‘ghost’ or ‘invisible’ as it possesses the ability to blend into the landscapes. Along with the aesthetically pleasing exterior, the train is also designed to give a living room feel to passengers. The idea seems magical, what do you think? Let us know in the comments while watching the video below:


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