Dubai Police Will Soon Have Hoverbikes In Its Collection

Dubai has never shied away from testing new technologies. Having already introduced jet packs to aid in fire fighting for the fire department, self driving pursuit drones and a robot soldier, they went a step even further. Adding to the world’s most exotic cars in the police department including Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari FF to name a few, they just unveiled a flying motorcycle.

This police hoverbike was announced at GITEX, the largest technology expo in the region. It has the capacity to carry a load of 300 kg during flight. It is based on the Russian design, the Hoversurf Scorpion 3. Like all electrically operated vehicles, it gets its power from a battery. The battery in question has a range of 20-25 minutes on a full charge, which takes around 3 hours. The battery packs can be swapped and extra packs can be kept to prolong flight time.

(Source : Alexander Atamanov/Facebook)

Other specifications include flying at a height of 5 meters or 16 feet. It a top speed of 70 km/h (43 mph) while flying with the pilot. It can fly unmanned at a speed around 100 km/h. The autonomous flight has a distance of approximately 4 miles.  The Scorpion 3 design has a built in safety system that prevents the pilot from going too fast or too high.

We will see more demonstrations by the Dubai police in the coming days to find out more about the hoverbike. If sufficient developments are made in this particular field, this might very well change the future of all police chases.

You can see the demonstration of the hoverbike here:

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