It Is Now Confirmed – iPhone 6 Will Come With 4.7″ And 5.5″ Screen, Will Look Like This

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The rumors about the release of an iPhone 6 this year have just got more ground thanks to a report that says Apple is planning to begin production of new screens for its famous phone. Reuters has said that the company plans to begin production in May, citing supply-chain sources.

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Apple will begin producing the 4.7-inch screen next month, while the 5.5-inch version could be delayed. The production of the screens hints at a fall release date for the new, eagerly awaited iPhone.

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The list of manufacturers that could be making the new display includes, Sharp, LG Display and Japan Display. The increase in size from the current 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5S is something that iPhone supporters and Apple fans have long been awaiting. With other smartphones crossing the 5-inch screen size, Apple was the only one left behind. But with this new development, the concerns of fans and analysts are sure to be quieted.

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The reason for delay of the 5.5-inch display is said to be due to complications related to problems with the in-cell production technology, which may result in a shift to film-sensor technology instead of in-cell technology due to its larger size.

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The larger screen size just underlines the rivalry that Apple has with Samsung, a smartphone producer that is leading in the Android market and has sufficiently larger screens than the iPhone 5S and 5C. But with this new announcement, Apple fans can rest assured that the new iPhone will once again compete with the big boys.
What are your comments on this bigger screen size for the new iPhone? Let us know in comments section below


  1. Tina Reply

    Ideally iphone would have 4.3 screen and be thinner and lighter! A size and weight more like the old Galaxy SII. That would be THE perfect phone!

  2. Cissit Reply

    Apple could have gone even futher, why not a screen on each side, could have done a multitool! I’m so happy to get a new release soon 🙂

  3. El Ar Reply

    Apple didnt say you have to buy if you dont want the bigger one coming… so what you guys fuzzin about? If you want to stick to your 5S go ahead. Dont fuzz just to say somethin…

  4. Loop Margon Reply

    Great move…Apple…New design for iPhone means new Discoveries to Explore

  5. vijay Reply

    Apple need to improve their sales. so if they release same size as that of 5 series, sales may not be more. something new has to be provided and 5 inch screens of other brands are a hit in some parts of the world and so bigger screen is better bet for Apple.

  6. andry Reply

    I like Iphone and I like 5″ or 6″ screen. Absolutely this is what I’m looking for. Now I’m using Galaxy Note 3 and it will be both in my pocket soon. Can’t wait the sensation.

  7. Mark Reply

    I feel like everyone that’s complaining about the iPhone are just trend followers. iPhone is a great phone, getting my first iPhone when the 5 came out, I absolutely love it. It works great with my iPad and Mac for when I work on designs, art projects, and papers. You can’t get greater connection with Android products due to it’s uneccssary market size. I welcome the size upgrade, it’ll give us more room to work with on the phone. I also welcome for them to make one with 100+ GB in it also as a option. I know my iPhone 5 16GB doesn’t hold all my music and movies.

  8. WT Reply

    Why is the screen being enlarge to the sides of the phone? If my screen have a slight chipped off, I can then throw away my phone? Lol?!

  9. Rob Reply

    Dumped iPhone 4s due need for a bigger display.
    Now run the Samsung Note 3 but wish it had the stability of the iphone.
    May go back to iphone if screen was bigger, also apple need to and extra memory card slots! Huge mistake not doing that.

  10. Ralph Reply

    Look it’s simple, but lets see if they do it! The best options is to have all sizes like shoes! Some people like large and some small and some like myself like both! Ill take one in any size as long as its apple! Who cares who copied who! That’s technology and everything! Be happy with what you purchase and don’t alame the other manufactures! Be happy and be content, don’t be a critic! There are enough critics already!

  11. dave Reply

    Ph design look like andriod ph…i expect it will b different with android design..whtever ..its look great..!!..thz ip 6

  12. the real apple fan Reply

    We definitely need a bigger screen… pls build it.

  13. SG Reply

    Apple must innovate more, although big screen capture large segment of the market. We want to see apple lead the market by innovation, as it always did in the past…..

  14. Lingtyl Reply

    Doesn’t matter about screen size, please ensure the battery can last a good whole day, 13 hours! And lifespan too!

  15. steven Reply

    I personally don’t like the idea of bigger screen for the new iphone. It will spoil the design of its content. That was one of the reason i chose Iphone 5s instead of the new Sony Z2 or Samsung S5, they are way too bulky to fit in any pockets. its ridiculous these days with what they so called “smartphones”, maybe they should call it “Tablet phones” more like.

  16. Anvesh kumar Reply

    Now apple will be the number 1 ,in all over the world…..

  17. Kristi Reply

    Haha doesn’t matter if they change the screen size the phone will still suck. A few cosmetic changes and minor hardware upgrades is nothing to get excited about. It will still only do the exact same things as the older models — nothing!! Switched from iPhone to a beautiful galaxy Note 3 and never looking back

  18. aman Reply

    What would be the price for i6 in 4.7 inches..and does it have any other interesting can we download songs or other things?

  19. Melvin Reply

    Can’t please everybody, big screen or small screen is the IOS that makes it good. Great move Apple

  20. Adan Reply

    I would really prefer 4.2 inch,same as z10.not to b,not to small..bigger screen will ultimately destroy the simplicity built by steve job.

  21. Mario Galindo Reply

    Apple is copying from Samsumg !!! In few years Apple will say that the big screen was copied by Samsung from Apple.

    • MR.No? Reply

      Rubbish! Nonsense! Samsung copied apple’s touch screen and Apps arrangements in the first place and u don’t see anyone complaining do you?

  22. Khairullah Reply

    This is just awesome. I want Apple to manufacture 2 types of Iphone 6. One with the same screen size as 5S and the other with a screen size of 5, 5.5 or 6 inches. I mean A mini and a big boy. It will be just awesome cuz the people who like big screens and shift from iphone to android will be able to stick to the Iphone. And the ones who like it small can also stick to the Iphone.

  23. RT Reply

    @Åke Hollman i second that with the display size and the effect on prices for the old goodies 🙂

  24. Stephanie Reply

    Im a little disapointed they are going for a larger screen. Bigger is not always better. I like my iphone because of it’s content. If I wanted a big bulky phone I would go for an android. Shame on apple for following a trend. Once upon a time they were the trend setters

  25. Åke Hollman Reply

    I find the large screens too bulky, these phones don’t fit in my shirt pocket. But I do hope that the introduction of 6 will lower the price on 5 🙂

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