Chocabyte 3D Printer Allows You To Print Any Shape Out Of Chocolate

chocabyte 3D Printer

It would seem that we just can’t get enough of 3D printing. The achievements which are being unlocked by this pinnacle of technology are increasing by every day.
Chocabyte 3We have already seen 3D printers being used to print more 3D printers, print material for bones and in fact we have also covered articles where artists are making models out of stuff that is 3D printed. However, this one is yummier and well more chocoloate-ish. Say hello to Chocabyte which is an economical 3D printer and it costs a mere $99. It is capable of printing chocolate for its owner!

Chocabyte 2Why is this particular 3D printer being given the limelight? The answer lies within its capability to provide you with good 3D printed chocolate and all that for under $99. Compare this to the price in hundreds or thousands of dollars for a standard 3D printer. Chocabyte comes with a template data bank, which the user can use. The operational instructions are simple; select a shape, heat the cartridge and then place it in the 3D printer and press start. After a brief wait of 10 minutes you shall be served with a 2”x1” edible chocolate piece. Oh and those cartridges cost only $10 per set of four.

Using this time frame, it would take you about two hours to print a dozen edible pieces of shapes of your choice and have them wrapped up for a special one. The invention comes from SolidIdeas and the company is planning to allow the users to upload their designs and shapes for chocolates to the databank as well.

ChocabyteHowever, as is with all the good stuff this Chocabyte 3D printer will be limited when it comes to number of units that are being made; 500 only. They are being custom built in Sydney, Australia and it would take about three months before you could get your hands on them. Check out the video below for more details:

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    Hi! Could you please send me the video of Chocabyte? The one uploaded is not available anymore.

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