Watch What Happens When This Guy Shoots 50 Cal Sniper Gun At A Titanium Block

Shooting random objects in the wilderness with ten different types of guns; just an average day in the life of an American! Here’s our favorite chaos channel, DemolitionRanch, up to his usual shenanigans as the YouTuber sets off to try and pierce a 1 1/4 inch thick titanium plate using nearly all of his gun collection.

The man has all the fun stuff to make a viral video, a pickup truck, 50 cal. rounds, titanium plates and a place to shoot on.  The video put the plate through some serious hits starting with a .22 long rifle and ending with a .50 BMG! But was this all enough to actually pierce through a titanium plate? Watch the video to find out!

As you saw for yourself, the results are pretty impressive. The titanium plate was merely scraped by little pellet guns and hand revolvers and even the huge armor piercing .50 cal black tip bullets couldn’t cut through it as they only managed to pierce about 90% of the thickness.

But the required thickness certainly depends on the type of firearm. For instance, you wouldn’t need a very thick plate to stop a .22 rimfire, but a considerably thicker one to resist a 30–06 with military armor-piercing bullets. Add a few more layers if you want to stop a 30mm Depleted Uranium cannon round.

And as every fighter plane enthusiast knows, even the all impressive A10 Thunderbolt is armored using a “titanium bathtub” that protects the pilot. The armor is able to stop a variety of anti-aircraft weapons and provides the plane the ability to survive direct hits from armor-piercing and high-explosive projectiles up to 23 mm.

In short, Titanium, very impressive!

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