13 Genius Japanese Inventions That You Will Not Find In Any Other Country

While most of the world focuses on bigger problems, the Japanese are notorious for funny inventions that may sound absurd to many of us. The Japanese may be far ahead with technology, but they do not forget the tiniest of our problems. Here is a bunch of Japanese inventions that have me pondering how I could just become a Japanese citizen.

13. Turning Train Seats

There is not one person among us who does not desire a window seat while traveling. Not all of us are that lucky, but the turning train seats are the ultimate answer to our woes.

12. A Motorcycle Helmet With A Hole For Pony Tail

Meh. Who designed the helmets? They are the ultimate hair disasters! The Japanese are wise, and the ponytail helmet will save you from a bad hair day, any day.


11. A Baby Seat in public bathroom

If you are a parent who has been to the mall alone with a baby, you know the dilemma. Leave the baby alone with the stranger? Not use the bathroom at all? Take the baby with you inside the stall? Well, none of these sound like a sensible solution. Here comes the baby seat.

10. Diagonal crossing

Seriously, none of us wants to walk those extra few feet.

9. A Tablet Holder

Well, I am pretty sure we have all thought of this.


8. Silent Karaoke Microphone

Politely quieten that noisy neighbor with this pretty present.


7. A cushion for you to lay down and work

Sitting straight up and working is not the most comfortable position 24/7.


6. A water saving sink with supply tank

Seriously, we all think that water should be reused.

Automated stores

Japan is literally the country of robots. This should not come as a surprise at all.


5. A hotel with a dinosaur robot receptionist

There goes another of the Japanese robots. This should be fun though.

4. A napkin to cover your face while you eat burgers

Japanese are sophisticated people. Opening your mouth wide open for a bite of burger out in public is just not a thing for them. This napkin is a genius solution, and honestly, we all want it.


3. A transforming tatami

The Japanese prefer to do everything on the floor. That is just not very convenient for working on a laptop, and there goes your tatami that transforms into a desk. The child in all of us still loves the floor, doesn’t it?


2. Umbrella parking lot

Just count the number of umbrellas that you must have lost to this day, and you would know why this is a necessity.


1. Easy to open cans

Some genius invented the easy opening cans for us, and the Japanese made it a tad bit easier. It just has a special ring, so you don’t have to make that extra effort.


Got your eyes on another one of the Japanese gadgets? Let us know in the comments.

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