iPhone 6 Plus Users Complain Of Blurry Pictures Due To Camera Focusing Issue

iPhone 6 Plus Again, With Another Problem - What Have You Done Apple

After the ‘bendgate’ and recent other complaints about the iOS software, the company is facing yet another problem with its latest version, iPhone 6 Plus. Users complaining about the faulty camera have sent reports for the 5.5-inch model. They reported that the pictures were not being focused even when held perfectly still.iPhone 6 Plus Again, With Another Problem - What Have You Done Apple3

These users went on to get replacement devices or got their cameras fixed. But the reason for this fault is still unknown. Currently, the number of people who were affected by the flaw has not been identified and it is also not known if it is a hardware or software issue.

The first identification of the error was made at the Apple support forums by user oneZer01, who said, “iPhone 6 Plus rear camera is not focusing, won’t remain stable and is blurry, no matter how still I [am]. Automatic or manual focus not working either, [but the] front facing camera works fine.”iPhone 6 Plus Again, With Another Problem - What Have You Done Apple4

According to the user the fault was due to Apple’s OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), a feature recently introduced in iPhone 6 Plus. OIS works with the built in A8 chip of the phone, using its gyroscope and M8 motion coprocessor that measures motion data and provides precise lens movement.

The purpose of adding OIS was to reduce shaky pictures and allow the camera to take better pictures even when the hands of the user are shaking or they are in lower light. It can also fuse long and short exposure images together to help reduce subject motion. According to what Apple claims, ‘this unique integration of hardware and software deliver beautiful low-light pictures.’

As TechTree reported, the problem might be occurring due to the vibrations in the OIS system that causes it to fail.

Another user on the Apple forum called Scott Story, also reported a similar fault and had his local Genius Bar replace his handset, while oneZer01 had the camera replaced – a fix that costs $59 (£37), but it was covered by warranty.iPhone 6 Plus Again, With Another Problem - What Have You Done Apple2

Moreover, a user named Bnorty posted a video on Youtube showing the screen flickers when attempting to take a photo or record a video.

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