This Youtuber Created His Own Invisible Umbrella


Do you have a unique perspective of seeing at things? Or ever wondered if you can stay free from the rain without the effort of carrying an umbrella? Is that even possible to make rain repel you? Untangling your neurons?

Here, we’ll share with you an interesting way to have an umbrella, without holding an umbrella, sounds insane!

You might know of the Kickstarter project of air umbrella, sometime in 2016. It was successful enough to make $102,000. The project didn’t reach completion and the initial funds got distributed. Sad!

But the idea didn’t die. Recently, a YouTuber ‘The Action Lab’, reciprocates the idea in designing an air umbrella on his own. The idea revolves around deflecting the rain coming over the person holding it. So it creates an invisible air shield and saves you from getting wet. To push the rain actually away, you need a huge airflow at the top of your umbrella, to overcome the pressure of the rain.

If you have a knack of engineering or a technical mind somehow, the question clicking your mind would be the presence of an equally heavy motor that enables you to generate the airflow, and how can the weight be made withstanding on an umbrella? How inconvenient would that be?

Going into the calculations, we’ll be needing the terminal velocity of the raindrops. Now, who loves maths enough to start playing with numbers rather than enjoying the rain! And whoo, wait! Who on earth will actually find the radius of the raindrops falling? The bad news is, you have to find the figures, to make your own handheld air umbrella. In the next part, the airflow should be faster, getting you into some more power and velocity calculations. Just hitting up next, is the volumetric flow rate. Yes, you’ll be needing that for the ratio of the radius that is covering the man.

Let’s find the answers together. For the experiment though, you’ll be needing an umbrella stick and I’m not going into my lawn to fuel up my curiosity. But if you wish to see the results, do watch the video shared below:


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