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30 Tricks That You Can Use To Design Your Home’s Interior Like An Expert

When it comes to interior designing, a little bit of knowledge can make the difference between a disaster and an amazing indoor. However, most of us are not well-versed with the science of interior designing and have to rely on others. What follows is the list of 30 best cheat sheets to help you decorate your home like a pro.

30. Color Undertone Guide

29. House Paint Color Matching Guide

28. Psychology of Colors

27. Living Room Rug Size Guide

26. Dining Room Rug Size Guide

25. Bedroom Rug Size Guide

24. Staircase Gallery Layouts

23. Hanging Style Diagnostic

22. Gallery Wall Layout Ideas

21. Print Size Guide

20. Window Covering Styles

19. How to Hang Curtains

18. Lamp Shade Styles

17. Pillow Style Inspiration

16. Mantel Decor Diagram

15. Indoor Plant Guide

14. Common Dimensions

13. Common Furniture Sizes

12. Headboard Shapes

11. Sofa Shapes and Their Names

10. Seating Capacities for Dining Tables

9. Yardage for Chair Upholstery

8. Yardage for Sofa Upholstery

7. Yardage for Stool Upholstery

6. Antique Leg Styles

5. Antique Chair Back Styles

4. Tile Patterns

3. Kinds of Moulding

2. The Colors of Hardwood

1. Types of Doors

Aren’t these ideas just awesome? Who needs an interior designer now, you can do it like an expert!

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