Integrating Cloud-based Video Security and Access Control in New Build Construction

As the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, the workplace is evolving into a spacious, technologically advanced new age. 

Crowded office buildings filled to the brim with employees are no longer the desired environment for companies and their infrastructure. Many companies are taking the opportunity to create new buildings for the new generation of hybrid working employees. Incorporating new ways of working, however, requires alternative security planning.

Here, we will detail security planning tips to consider when creating new commercial buildings.

Assessing Security for a New Building

Before any new security measures are taken, a full security assessment should be completed. What are the security risks for the new building? What are the vulnerabilities and threats?

A new spacious environment for the hybrid worker may mean that employees are entering the building at different times. Tracking who is entering and leaving the building is a key risk to address. 

Firstly, to ensure that only authorized personnel are entering the building. Secondly, so the employee responsible for health and safety is aware of how many people are in the building. This is particularly important if there is ever a fire in the building. 

Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control systems are becoming smarter. Installing a cloud-based access control system on a new commercial infrastructure offers numerous benefits for security.

Authorized Credentials

A cloud-based access system ensures that only individuals with authorized credentials can enter the building. Whilst the rudimentary version of this technology has been used for many years, technology has improved greatly. 

In the past, the user would use a key fob or card, pre-loaded with credentials, to enter the building. Today, you can use your mobile phone to gain access to the access control system! 

Just like when you load your financial details to your Apple Wallet, your access credentials will be preloaded to your phone. You can then scan your phone against the smart lock or touchless pad. This process is the same as when you use your mobile phone to make contactless payments!

Remote Management

When using a cloud-based access control system, the remote management feature enables you to change credentials remotely. This is a great feature! If an employee has left the company, you can instantly deny access to them and remove their credentials. If a new employee has joined the company, you can instantly grant them the correct credentials.

Furthermore, you can make these changes from any location using the cloud-based access control system! Employees do not have to wait until you are on-site and logged into the office system. You can manage the access and security of the building at any time from any location!

Integrating Security Benefits

Integrating a video intercom into your access control system increases your building security further. Using the video intercom, you can see who is entering the building. You can revisit the recorded video footage if any problems arise. Additionally, you can ensure that the correct individual is using the authorized credentials.

Further integration with an RFID door locking system increases the security of your building and your company’s data. The RFID door system is contactless for ease of use and can be incorporated into your cloud-based access control system. 

The RFID system also offers companies tracking capabilities, tracking who is entering and leaving the building and when.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication enhances these systems to ensure that your security procedures are at their highest. There are three categories of multi-factor authentication to use in your company to protect your building, people, or data. 

Firstly, your knowledge can be used in the form of passwords. Secondly, your possessions can be used in the form of a mobile phone. Thirdly, what you are can be used for security, such as biometrics. Integrating biometrics, such as a thumbprint, into your security procedures offers the highest level of security for your company.

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