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Insignia Lite Is A Shower From The Future

Insignia Lite 2

Taking a shower has always been an important part of the day for most of us, as it prepares us for the day ahead or relieves us from all the tensions we had in the day. Showering now can be a whole new experience thanks to this Super Modern Shower with LED lights and speakers. What is believed to be the most modern shower in the market till now, Insignia Lite can transform your simple shower to an amazing and soothing therapeutic experience; full of colours and sounds.

Insignia Lite features a stereo speaker on the roof, so you can get your groove on while showering and scrub up to your favorite tunes. It has Bluetooth and USB connectivity so that you can connect your smartphone or music player to the shower or you can simply listen to the radio.

It comes with a number of lighting options, lights are in red, purple, green, blue and white color. Different sequences of colors and illuminations can be chosen by the user out of the 18 available sequences, using the touch sensitive remote control. But to save you from the trouble of looking for the remote control, there’s an LCD screen and smart touch control panel inside, that can be utilized to control lights and sound system.

The shower comes up with six types of whirlpool jets and even a wood floor to prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself. The dimensions of this wonderful shower is 0.9 x 0.9 x 2.2m and has a cool wooden seat inside. User can also control the temperature of the water using the thermostat control panel.

Insignia Lite comes up with 5 years of warranty and is now marketed for sale in the UK for £ 1,295. Check out the youtube video below for more: