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30 Easy Ideas to Transform Your House Into A Dream Home

Tweak your House

This is a list of 30 ideas which you can incorporate into your house and turn it into one awesome place to live in. Whether you are planning to start construction of your new house or are you looking forward to remodeling your current living place, these ideas will most definitely blow your mind! Enjoy the list

30. Built-in seating for fireplace

You have seen fireplaces but this little tweak will definitely take it to the next level.

29. Combined Fireplace

For attached bath, you can use the same fireplace for your room and bathroom as well. No more cold bathrooms, Yay!

28. Change how your ceiling looks

Enhance your sleeping experience with these glow in the dark stars on your ceiling!

27. Accordion glass windows and doors make you feel like you’re outside!

Nothing beats this feeling!

26. Building a wine rack

Save space and bring practicability to your house.

25.  Keep the dust away

Well, shut up and take our money! These vents are always picking up dust and all you need to do is to sweep the garbage into it.

24. Master bedroom extension!

Well, wow, and what’s more you can add features to your balcony to make it more usable.

23. Build a wine rack in your wall!

Again, you would be making use of space that would have gone to waste.

22. How to improve your sink!

Brilliant idea!

21. Provide more space in kitchen

There’s never enough space in kitchen, say hello to this brilliant idea.

20. Mini Fridge and Kitchen Island

That should keep them chilled.

19. Build a playroom above a stairway!

For children and for adults!

18. Build a bar table in your deck design

What more can you ask for?

17. Hidden storage rooms keeps the mess where it should be…HIDDEN!

Okay, this is like the Best thing you could have come up with!

16. Install ports and chutes in your kitchen. One for recycling and one for garbage. 

That will keep it organized.

15. A walk-in shower cuts down on cleaning time

Nothing to clean and well; it’s relaxing.

14. Extra high ceilings? Put a net over it: instant hammock

Say hello to your personal hammock!

13. Turn your shower into a steam room that you can lie down in

Transform shower into sauna whenever you feel stressed!

12. Magnetize your walls!

They say that these walls are magnetized to a level where they are able to hold flat screen TVs and book shelves.

11. Create a cool hidden room that no one knows about!

Feeling like James Bond? Try this one.

10. Use up all of your space by using under cabinet drawers

No space should go to waste!

9. Remodel your shed into an artist’s den!

Your very own workshop of amazing ideas!

8. Guest tree-house

Cut down on your construction cost and get this sweet thing.

7. Have two dishwashers instead of one without taking space!

Save time and increase your efficiency.

6. Dog under the stairs!

There are numerous ways you can utilize the space under the stairs.

5. Book nook under the stairs!

Here’s another option for you to consider.

4. Store things under the staircase

Here’s one more!

3. Use the backside or side of your staircase as a bookshelf

It’s not just the space under but the backside as well that can be used.

2. Turn your attic into room full of pillows!

Time for slumber parties and movie nights folks!

1. Conversation pit styled living room

Moroccan style can greatly enhance how your living room looks like!

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