Insane Youtube Engineer Makes His Own Thermite Projectile Launcher

DIY thermite gun

So if you haven’t had your fair share of crazy inventors and engineers in your life, this guy will definitely surprise you. From fireworks rocket launchers to inserting bricks inside a working washing machine, this guy has done it all. One look at this channel and you would probably need to come up with an extreme synonym for crazy in your book!

Recently, he has just finished his project of creating a thermite projectile launcher. Thermite is a mixture of metal powder and a metal oxide that can be contained in a chamber and is able to burn at high temperatures of 2500 degree centigrade and above. Not only he made such a launcher, he demonstrates its effectiveness by launching the thermite missiles into small petrol dumps and a stack of fireworks which resulted in plenty of explosions and adrenaline-filled activity.

The only question I ask myself is how the hell this guy didn’t die from one of his own experiments. We should warn you that making a thermite gun is probably not the safest ideas for a DIY project, and novices in this business should especially keep away from experimenting with this stuff since obviously this guy is an expert and only dramatizes the effects. He knows exactly what he is doing!

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