This Innovative Footwear Is Your Perfect Adventure Companion

If you don’t like tying up your laces all the time or carrying your bulky footwear in your travel bags, Skinners might be the perfect product for you. This new innovative footwear product that was crowd-funded by Kickstarter is a minimalistic sock-resembling product that is extremely lightweight, anti-odor, and can easily fit in the back pocket of your pants. Make no mistake from the fragile appearance as it is coated with a high-strength waterproof material that will keep your feet safe at all times, even in the most rugged of the paths that you may come across during your adventures.

These socks may have struck the right cord here with potential buyers around the world as they use some really creative engineering to bring freedom and comfort that is quite missing from our regular footwear. Here is the pitching video from Kickstarter.

Shoes are exceptionally difficult things to carry on the go. They smell bad, are bulky, and need to be away from all the clothes as well. It is not surprising that we have to pack a separate bag just for all the shoes. Now Skinners attempts to get rid of that but can something as thin as a sock make good shoes? How about absorbing the impact and all the jagged stones that could rip or tear this fabric apart and leave you howling in pain on one leg. What about the smell as the socks get extremely filthy even after staying one day inside the shoes? These are some questions that only customer experience can tell you, but one thing is for sure, these socks are NOT good for protecting your ankle. You would still need some long boots to walk safely.

Skinners footwear5
Image: kickstarter
Skinners footwear4
Image: kickstarter

But, still the apparent advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a huge margin. It is lined with an antibacterial yarn infused with silver that will keep them fresh. They will particularly be so useful for gym work as we won’t have to change shoes in between commute and workout. Hell, they can also be used as your flip flops!

Skinners footwear3
Image: kickstarter
Skinners footwear2
Image: kickstarter

At $29, it is an amazing product and may retail for much more later on. What do you think about this idea?

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