Information For Students: What Is Undergraduate And Bachelor’s Program In Universities Of Great Britain?


Training and studying in British universities are characterized by prestige, a high level of teaching, and centuries-old traditions. The universities of Great Britain rightfully occupy a leading position in world university rankings and offer education that is most focused on obtaining a knowledge student and skills in the specialty, which guarantees successful employment abroad in the future. Having said that, the study program is quite complicated, that’s why when I was a student I contacted tutors who could write my paper for me.

Today there is a huge number of educational institutions, but parents and students choose those universities that can be trusted. In this case, higher education in the UK is perfect. The United Kingdom has become the first country where higher educational institutions appeared. Prestigious Oxford and Cambridge quickly became popular worldwide. The high level of education in England is also the merit of the state. Annually, the Government of Great Britain allocates huge amounts of development of the educational sector, scientific research, and attracting international students.

We believe that education in the UK is worth choosing for such reasons:

– Universities of Great Britain occupy top positions in the ratings of higher educational institutions in the world

– British diplomas and certificates are considered the best all over the world.

– British education is a reliable basis for any career and high salary

Foreign students who received a certificate of secondary education abroad can enroll in the Bachelor program in the UK after passing one of the preparatory programs in British universities or colleges:

International Foundation Diploma: A program of preparation for admission to the first year of the university. The successful completion of the program guarantees admission to the 1st year of the university;

International Year One: an intensive program that combines the first year of study and the Foundation preparatory program. The successful end of the program guarantees admission to the 2nd course of the University of Bachelor’s program. This program is often designed for admission to the business Course;

What is undergraduate? What do you need to know about the bachelor’s program in the UK?

Very often we are asked what is the difference between undergraduate and the bachelor program? Everything is very simple:

Undergraduate – Bachelor’s Degree is the first step of higher education at the end of which the qualifications are awarded in certain areas. These programs may receive graduates of schools who want to receive higher education in the Course.

Bachelor is a junior academic title, which is assigned to graduates of universities who have graduated from training on relevant programs, in countries with the Bologna System of Higher Education, as well as in the British Commonwealth States.

The most famous of the first steps of higher education are the bachelor of humanitarian sciences (BA) and the Bachelor of Natural Sciences (BSC). The duration of training on the program of the bachelor’s program is usually 3-4 years. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is assigned in areas associated with art, history, and languages, making emphasis on theory. A BSC level program focuses on more serious technical training.

What are the requirements for students who want to go to the bachelor’s program?

Usually for admission to undergraduate from applicant required:

  • certificate of secondary education;
  • The results of passing English tests 

Each educational institution independently determines the income points necessary for admission to the bachelor program.

It should be noted that in educational institutions there may be additional requirements for applicants:

  • Testing or interview for specific subjects.

Requirements for foreign students:

Due to the difference in the education system, for graduates of foreign schools, there is the possibility of receipt of preparatory courses with which the student can enter the university chosen by him. Preparatory courses, International Foundation Diploma, or International Year One take place at universities or colleges that lead to admission to partner universities. One of these Bellerbys College, a partner of more than 70 Universities in Great Britain.

Study on the program of a bachelor:

The duration of study on the program undergraduate depends on the educational institution and takes from three to five (rarely – six) years. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions, for example, in medical specialties, the term of study is five to six years, and two years of internship are added to them.

Many universities have the opportunity to receive two bachelor’s diplomas, that is, doing two Courses.

A bachelor’s degree is the first step in a scientific career. Very often, students after the end of their undergraduate find work. Students arrive at the magistracy, MBA or to come again to the bachelor program for another course. When choosing the next phase of your studies, make sure to do your research and find the right one for you, especially when it comes to MBA vs EMBA. In some universities, such bachelors must come again and learn together with all on the usual conditions; In other educational institutions, the approach is more democratic: the bachelor can learn from the abbreviated program, without visiting those lectures that he studied during training on the first undergraduate.

How to choose a university in the UK?

Specialists recommend students and their parents when choosing the University of Great Britain, first of all, based on their budget, the second to their academic needs, and on the rating \ reviews.

Consider separately these three factors:


The cost of education at the universities of Great Britain is above average. There are many discounts, scholarships for training that defines an educational institution, these discounts are usually listed on the university website and change from year to year.

The presence of money is a must for student visa issues in the UK. The amount that needs to be shown on the account depends on the cost of training, level of residence expenses (London, other cities in the United Kingdom)

Academic needs of an applicant

Before you choose the University you need to assess your skills and needs School estimates and the level of English will play not a latter role if you are aimed to enroll in high-rating universities. Despite the obligatory passage of the preparatory program, the university will still take it as the basis of the assessment in the certificate.

In any case, you should not despair. The level of teaching and competence in all universities of Great Britain is high, so every student we will find a university that meets the student’s skills and requirements.

Ratings, reviews

For the selection of training programs, consultants use their experience, student reviews, as well as official ratings: world and course. To select the program, Education consultants can also organize a meeting (in an office or online) with a representative of universities.


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