In Space, Even Simple Daily Tasks Become Difficult. Here is How Astronauts Do them


Everyone has dreamed of being an astronaut after seeing blockbuster movies like Armageddon and Interstellar. But, sorry to break it down to you. Space isn’t just about zero-gravity jumps and eating food in ridiculous ways. It is about changing our entire way to live and adapting to the bizarre conditions and fighting depression as well. Despite all the hardship, it is still an elusive adventure and everyday lives of astronauts aren’t well-known by the people.
zero gravity

We see gravity as a hindrance in our lives as it keeps our feet on the ground and prevents us from flying to anywhere with minimal thrust. But, when you see these crazy videos on how poor astronauts do their day-to-day activities, you will thank God for gravity!

Brushing your teeth.

Making a Burrito!

Cleaning spilled liquid

Playing music

Running in space to maintains shape

Clipping your nails

When you get sick in space

How to play soccer

Cooking a thanksgiving meal


Doing your laundry

Washing your hair

Taking a leak

It gets worse. When you cry

Still think gravity is a nuisance? Try repeating these activities for months at a stretch and then we will ask again!


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