Can You Solve This Math Problem That Has Baffled Aussie High School Students?

math question

Many times students come across a particularly clever Maths question in their exams and most of them get it wrong. Soon enough, the examiner and the question become a topic of debate among the masses. I am sure this happened many times in the past and now the subject is here to haunt the poor students again as an Australian high school paper presented a problem that seems simple enough, but became a source of debate around the internet. Here is the question:

math question

Although we engineers can solve this problem in an instant, it is funny to see how dumb the rest of the world is, especially non-technical people. Hell, I could do this problem back in my junior high school and people can’t even do it now. If most of the students can’t pass this maths test than they shouldn’t be clearing high school at all.
math question

One student allegedly posted ” F@#@ you 50 cent. I never liked your music anyway”. Naturally many people have taken to twitter to slam students who couldn’t do it, raising questions about the effectiveness of our education system.



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  1. The answer is 30.
    The question was pertaining to the angle drawn with two lines in the coin. Not the angle between the coins.


  2. 30º as Salahuddin Ahmed explained correctly… the circle is 360º you have 12 sides of same lenght so 360/12 = 30º 12 slices as he said.

  3. A circle means 360 degree angle, as we know. A 50 cent coin(can be imagined as a circle) has 12 sides, as shown in the figure, which means it has 12 angular slices.
    So the angle, X, can be calculated as 360/12 = 30 degree.