In A Turn Of Events, A Human-Driven SUV Hits An Autonomous Robot Instead

Technology has surpassed every possibility known to man before. We have become so advanced that there are machines that are smart and can make even their own decisions. They work on their own without having the need to be controlled manually at all times. This autonomous technology has transformed this era entirely.

However, no matter how modern and advanced the technology becomes, it cannot replace human insights and senses. There is still a room that exists between the capabilities of smart, autonomous robots and that of humans. Humans will always be more capable to do things that require uncalculated decision-making. Robots cannot use their sixth sense. They are programmed for predictable and logical situations.

This was made evident from an accident where an autonomous robot, less than two feet tall got into an accident with an SUV.  As shown in a video posted to TikTok by rach, ipsa, the robot had the features of lights plus cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors, and neural networks. Still, the robot could not escape a Ford Escape.

The incident occurred and was recorded on the video at the University of Kentucky. The area has multiple delivery robots and robots of this kind. The campus is now open again and will be flooding with both students and robots.

It is still not revealed if the car was damaged. If it was, it will be a difficult situation to explain to the insurance companies. In the past year, there was another case like that where a Frisco, TX woman said a Starship robot collided with her car at a stoplight, doing $2,600 worth of damage. Once Starship Technologies was involved, it was reported that the robot operators paid for the damages. At Purdue University, there was another incident of a robot being destroyed by a garbage truck.

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