Improve Your Mobile Photography With This Case That Adds A Shutter Button And Lens

Moment Case for iPhone 6 3

There are many lens attachments for the iPhone in the market these days, but we have come across a better option, the Moment case for iPhone 6. It will turn your phone into a better camera with shutter button, lens, and strap attachment. Moment Case for iPhone 6

Although taking pictures with your smartphone is quick, convenient, and fun, you have to admit it isn’t quite the same as using a traditional camera. Moment is trying to integrate smartphones and traditional cameras with this new Moment Case.

The Moment Case has an integrated mount for Moment’s wide-angle and telephoto lenses released last year, as well as mounting points for neck or wrist straps. It can even determine which of Moment’s lenses are attached, sending that information to Moment’s app to improve image processing. The most interesting part of the Moment Case is its two stage shutter button, which works with the app to provide half-press focus locking and full-press shutter release, just like it is in a traditional camera. Holding the button down will activate burst mode, and the company has said that they are working on adding other features, like video making, soon. The case communicates with your phone over Bluetooth LE and relies on a button cell battery that Moment expects to last for months before needing to be replaced. Moment Case for iPhone 6 2

Marc Barros, the founder of Moment explained that it took the company roughly five months to develop the design for the case. Barros’ goal was to make a case that would be slim enough that people would keep it on their phones all the time. The Moment Case will be sold in black and white or all black for $49. Currently, it is only compatible with the iPhone 6 and is expected to be delivered by June. Check out the video below for more details:

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