Importance Of Tracking Your Employees History

Everyone has heard of horror stories about going to a sketchy website and then a few weeks later they have a virus that they can’t seem to get rid of.  With companies, think of this on a much bigger scale and then you see the importance of a user activity monitoring solution.

Large and even small businesses can have vital information stored in their network and then if that is breached, then they are in huge trouble.

Part of the solution is to set up systems that should stop anything from getting in, but also it helps if employees can’t even get themselves in trouble in the first place.

Below are some of the biggest reasons why having a user activity monitoring solution is vital.

Obtaining Data

The biggest reason as to why it is beneficial is because after monitoring for a period of time there will be a ton of data available to be stored and analyzed.

You can look at a bunch of factors such as time of an action, the context of an action, and what a normal day of activity can lead to.  All of that might not be super useful based on a certain situation, but it leads to the most important benefit with a UAM solution.

Detecting Risks

After you have a bunch of data that is going to track and analyze what is normal, then you can track what is not.

Once you have a baseline of what is normal and accepted, it is pretty easy to tell when something is going wrong and something or someone is a threat to security based on what they are looking into in the system.

It really shows that you need a UAM because how would you ever track that something was going wrong until the damage has already been done?  Large companies use a UAM so that no one from the inside is going to get into something that they shouldn’t if they have not been given access to that area of the network.


The most important reason why UAM solutions are important is above, but this is kind of a spinoff benefit that it can provide.

With a UAM, you can track keystrokes, video recording of sessions, and sometimes much more.

That could be an incredible way to analyze what is going on and see who needs work or is doing work at a fast-enough pace. Theoretically, it could show how often someone is logged on or participating at work and that could point out the slackers at a particular company.

The importance of user activity monitoring solutions is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world full of technology.  The solutions are getting more and more sophisticated by the minute and it really is exciting where it is heading.

The main benefits of a user activity monitoring solution could be the difference between and major problem from the inside or a prevented problem from the inside.  I would definitely choose the latter!

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