8 Best Learning To Code Courses Online

Due to the unprecedented situation when people stuck at home, the world economy is changing suddenly. Universities and schools are closing, and remote working and studying are becoming more popular. It is time to start investing in yourself and your future. And today, we have decided to talk about enlightening and useful programs and courses dedicated to programming and coding.

Programming is developing in quick steps. It’s an increasingly important skill when you aspire to a career in software development or other fields. New programming languages emerge and offer a variety of opportunities. It is challenging to choose a language to study and find a precious course. It is time-consuming, the wide selection and many alternatives make the decision complex, and you need to consider many factors. To facilitate the selection process, we decided to provide you with the list of the best, mainly no-cost online courses that deal with programming.

But at first, we would like to mention just a few advantages that go hand by hand with programming:

  • There are always jobs available, and the vacancies offer high and permanent income;
  • It gives you a chance to work from wherever you want using your laptop;
  • Learning to code is curative, fun, and not time-consuming;
  • And the most important, being a student, you can get a freelance job compatible with your schedule. And to free even more time, you can use a professional write my paper service.

Are you ready for comprehensive career guidance?


Codeacademy is a no-cost platform that provides online learning to code courses. Here you can find qualitative material explained comprehensively. The platform’s interface is user-friendly, the course structures are transparent; teaching style and tools are very comfortable. In other words, the process is stress-free and easy to catch. The platform offers 12 coding tracks: JavaScript, SQL, Python, PHP, Java, HTML/CSS, etc. There is no need to follow a schedule; you decide when and where to study. You can quit the lesson and pick it back whenever you want. Tutors are always ready to help and to clarify doubts. There is an option of tailored lessons and additional tutorials with an extra payment. Codeacademy is a perfect option to begin learning to code without spending a lot of money.


Coursera offers a unique opportunity to access courses of the best universities and eminent professors, mainly for free. You can find classes of different complexity levels and coding languages, starting from HTML/CSS and Python to C.Plus and Scala. Either you are a beginner or experienced user, you will find an appropriate program that matches your expectations. The duration of courses varies depending on the university. Almost all programs are taught in English and subtitled with some other languages (Spanish, German, French, Arab, Chinese). When you successfully finish the program, you receive a valid specialization certificate to commence a new career. If you pursue a degree in computer sciences, we recommend checking courses by the University of London, California, Michigan, and Duke University. Coursera is unique in the sense that it offers vast variety of courses including how to renew my BLS after it expires.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another utterly free learning platform. Here you don’t need to create a personal account to start studying. Partnered with many universities worldwide, they offer a wide range of valuable materials and can boast an extensive database of machine-graded assessments. Multi-lingual support and video subtitles available. In fairness, we should admit that this platform is excellent for coding beginners according to professionals reviews but lacks materials for proficient programmers.

MDN (Mozilla Developer Network)

MDN is an excellent opportunity to start learning to code from scratch. Appropriately crafted web guides and tutorials facilitate the process of studying for the beginners. Meanwhile, it’s worth mentioning that this platform requires strong motivation and self-control. The concepts are explained briefly, and you need to dedicate time to an in-depth analysis.


University level online programming courses partnered with huge corporations such as Microsoft. The platform offers qualitative content and materials, exciting and cool features that help students avoid getting bored. You can choose among six different types of programs, starting with courses for a deeper understanding of a particular subject to Master’s degrees, and professional programs required to comply with job requirements. edX has an accessible pricing policy and offers flexible affiliate discounts.


A supportive online community of programmers offers a wide range of courses that match every budget and goals. Here you can learn to code, and obtain new skills without interrupting your everyday routine. Treehouse established a partnership with Google, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft. You can study Front End Web Development, Full Stack JavaScript, User Experience Design, Python, and PHP with Laravel. The tutorials provide you with a roadmap and soft deadlines; you can pause or cancel the assignment anytime, and get back to it later. Another valuable advantage is access to the in-house community of students, staff, and professors, where everyone can get independent feedback, share materials, tips, and ask for advice. Besides, you have a free seven days trial period. Isn’t it great?

John Hopkins University

This name is in the public eye due to the up-to-date information on the topic of COVID-19. At the same, they can boast substantial expertise in other fields. The university designs and develops programs on a wide variety of subjects. For example, the course of programming languages offers you an opportunity to immerse in programming, methods of describing syntax and semantic, assignment and expression elements, design features, type checking of at least twelve programming languages. Dr. Erhan Guven teaches the course.


Online courses on the Udemy platform meet the expectations of both beginners and advanced students. Each program has unique content. They use video lectures, quizzes, and other interactive tools to make lessons more dynamic. An assigned tutor is always ready to help you understand the material and provide objective feedback on your projects. Before purchasing the whole course, you can watch an introductory video.

Remember, the best investment is the investment in your education. Upgrade your knowledge with essential coding skills. We are sure that it will help you to find the best job.

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