This Hybrid Drone Can Keep Flying For Over 4 Hours


Drone technology is getting better and new developments are being made in the tech with every passing day. People working in the industry are putting huge efforts to develop drones that can perform differently in the air. A drone manufacturing company Quaternium has hit a new milestone in the industry by launching its drone, named HYBRiX.20. It is being said that HYBRiX.20 can fly for as long as four hours and forty minutes. For a self powered drone, this is a huge milestone achievement. Usually the drones available in the market can give a flight time of 25 to 30 minutes, however, custom-made drones with extra power backup were able to fly for up to an hour.


In 2016, a commercial drone manufacturer flew a quadcopter for 72 minutes. Previously, another drone manufacturer SkyFront held the record flight of 4 hours. In the Guinness World Records lists the drone flight that lasted longest was two hours, six minutes and seven seconds long. Even though the flight record is registered, but the Guinness World Records did not handed over any document over the drone flight timings. To prove the authenticity of the achievement that SkyFront made, they produced a time-lapse video. This is the similar approach that Quaternium took to set its latest record. In the video, the drone Hybrix.20 is flying in the air in front of a clock for four hours and forty minutes. the HYBRiX.20 is a drone that operates on a combination of a gasoline-electric engine, hence the name HYBRiX.20. Since it has a huge battery life, it can be configured to use for surveillance, mapping, crop-monitoring, and inspections.

The attempts were made to create publicity for the drone but there are other ways to enhance the power and fuel efficiency of these gadgets. If it is a farmer who is making use of these gadgets to keep a check on his crops health, extra flight time without any charge means saving of extra fuel and labor. This makes the overall process very cost effective for them.

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