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Huawei’s Flagship Mate 30 Smartphone Will Be Available From 19th September

Huawei's Flagship Mate 30 Smartphone Will Be Here On 19th September

Huawei has been featured in the news quite consistently ever since the company became the victim of the US-China trade war. However, today, Huawei is being featured because it is all set to carry out the unveiling ceremony of its flagship Mate 30 smartphone. The Mate 30 smartphone will be unveiled in Munich, Germany, on September 19th.

The news of Huawei’s flagship Mate 30 smartphone unveiling has been confirmed by a tweet and a short video. The smartphone comes with a tagline that says Rethink Possibilities. It is quite befitting considering the fact that Huawei will not be able to sell its flagship Mate 30 smartphone with the Android OS and linked services such as the Play Store, Maps, and YouTube. Huawei can’t use official services of Google on account of the US companies being banned from doing business the Chinese tech giant, Huawei.

The US might still offer Huawei a reprieve on the Mate 30 before the launch takes place, but the company is not counting on this miracle to happen. In fact, in order to counter the ban; the Chinese tech giant recently unveiled its own HarmonyOS operating system along with an alternative for Play Store and mapping services of Google. However, Mate 30 will be a less attractive option without the official Android OS and apps by Google in Europe and other principal markets.

Coming to the smartphone itself, Huawei already has established a dedicated fan base with P30 Pro and its powerful hardware along with one of the best cameras that you can get your hands on currently. The Mate 30 is also rumored to be housing quad cameras in a circular module and curved waterfall edges. It will be interesting to see how this smartphone fares in comparison to the other smartphones in the market without the Google software.