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This iPhone Charger Can Charge Your Phone By Generating Electricity From Thin Air

The low battery indication invites a tense situation for iPhone users especially when they are travelling. The Mayday moment makes many users wish that they had charged a little bit more. Thankfully, with this amazing charger, the iPhone battery can now be charged with nothing but thin air!

The innovation has the shape of an iPhone case. It converts the microwave energy into usable electricity. The new technology is called rectifying antennae or “Rectinnae”. This case-cum-charger can be used to charge up to 30 percent of the power bank.

There have been claims of making a power source out of thin air for smartphones, but nothing concrete has yet been offered on the table. The devices made generate little power for actual usage. The useful invention has been brought to reality by Nikola Labs in collaboration with the University of State of Ohio. Both of them are in the deep planning phase and aim to launch a Kickstarter funding campaign. The initial price will be set around 99$ that will eventually rise once the Kickstarter funding is done, and the first batch proves to be successful.

We all know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.We have heard this since the first grade, so what is the mystery behind the electricity from the air? The charger harvests energy wasted by the phone when its sends out radio frequency signals. Wi-fi, Bluetooth and mobile internet like 4G employ radio signals.

According to the founder of Nikola Labs Bob Lee, 90 percent of the energy in these radio waves is lost. So, The charger can take a considerable amount of power providing the efficiency of energy gathering is good enough to be feasible. The device will primarily have an enforced cover, an RF harvesting antennae, a signal strength detector and an RF-DC converter. However, the company didn’t make any potential pitfalls public including the weak phone signal strength.

However, if it is completed and marketed, the charger could bring a revolution of its own in the portable devices recharging. Sensors and remote medical systems could gain a lot from this charger. A pretty cool new invention, isn’t it?

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