How to Transfer Files from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook


Gmail (Google Mail) is a free email service from Google. It provides access to mailboxes through a web interface and POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols.  In October 2012, Gmail became the most popular email service in the world, overtaking Microsoft software by a number of unique users. Considering the fact, that Outlook is a product of Microsoft, it is also a wide-known tool for maintaining business processes. It combines plenty of useful functions, which allow organizing a schedule, collecting useful contacts and receiving emails. Sometimes, due to the different circumstances, people need to transfer letters and contacts from one email service to another, which is usually not an easy task.

Some people say that Outlook is the most suitable email tool. Here are a few simple facts, which confirm it:

·  Preview of letters. Each letter has a preview available. You can see the contact address, subject and first line of the main text.

·  Main mailbox. If you have several accounts in Outlook, you can select the main one, which will open firstly.

·  Delayed delivery. This feature allows you to write a letter now, and send it later. Just specify the time of sending and forget about the letter – it will reach recipient without your participation.

·  Quick actions. This incredibly powerful tool will help to cope with large volumes of correspondence. The Quick Actions feature allows you to automate any sequence of actions and execute them with one click.

Anyway, if you need to transfer your correspondence, contacts or files between mail services, then check out the migration tool from Gmail to Outlook. The increasing importance of transferring tools have made a growing offer on the software market. Today it is possible to transfer Thunderbird, Opera mail or MBox to MS Outlook without any difficulties. However, while doing this, please make sure that your software is reliable. Check the license of your app, system requirements, try the demo version, and only then purchase it.

Usually, converter imports the necessary information in several steps:

1.      Extraction and saving files to the hard drive of the user;

2.      Conversion of files to PST format or simple importing to MS Outlook.

At the same time, the mentioned migration tool completes the task only in one step, which makes it even more simple and useful.

These apps should meet the following conditions: dispose simple interface, fast conversion, easy extraction, compatibility with different versions of MS Outlook, working with a big volume of information, etc.

Does not matter if you are a system administrator, businessperson or scientist, you are able to save your time while maintaining your everyday activities. However, software distributors encourage users to try a free demo version for a limited time to make sure that this app meets your general requirements. Sometimes, software companies dispose flexible financial policy, which allows clients to use their apps for a considerable price.

Finally, transferring applications should serve such purposes: be convenient, simple and affordable. It means that you`ve made a good deal.


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