How To Prepare For Exams like An Engineer


As a student, the most dreadful time you will go through is that of exams. They are always there, lurking, waiting to strike down upon students. If you are not prepared well enough; you will become their prey. However, lucky for you, that we have compiled a list of how to prepare for exams like an engineer and if you can implement this guide, rest assured, exams won’t be a problem at all.

10. Deciding on a Workplace

10. Deciding on a WorkplaceFirst off, you need a workplace/workstation. The workplace is your engineer’s lab and this is where you will prepare for exams. Now this workplace needs to be distraction-free, so avoid making the TV Lounge your workplace. Opt for a place that is somewhat secluded and where you will not be bothered. Talking of your workplace; it needs to be clutter free. A tidy workplace means more efficient studying.

9. Get a study timetable organized and prioritize.

9. Get a study timetable organized and prioritize.If you want to ace your exams then memorize the golden rule; follow the plan. Make a plan for how you will study for exams and then prioritize accordingly. Now, we all have made plans every now and then but failed in following them and then we completely killed off the plan. Our suggestion is that you incorporate the changes, update the plan and then follow it instead of killing it off. You will need to come up with a plan that clearly states your daily, weekly and monthly goals. The goals need to be prioritized and if you can pull this off successfully; success is guaranteed.

8. Organize

8. OrganizeAgain, everything needs to be in order and clearly identified. You need to label your folders and the content that you have. Your plan should be visible and your goals should be crossed once achieved. The idea is to follow a systematic approach to exams.

7. Lighting and Temperature

7. Lighting and TemperatureWhat is the main purpose of studying other than acing exams? It is to understand what you are reading and to help with that, you need you an environment which allows you to focus on what you are reading. Make sure that your workplace is well lit and the temperature is neither too high nor too low.

6. Motivate Yourself

6. Motivate YourselfStaying motivated is a hard thing and you will find that you want to give up this routine in just a day or two. But keep your goals clear, you should know why you must remain motivated. Also if it works for you, download some motivational videos from YouTube and watch them every now and then.

5. Eating Habits

5. Eating HabitsThe eating habits need a check too; make sure that you are taking healthy meals which allow you to get the necessary materials and minerals. Also the food intake should be such that your digestive system is not overloaded. So eat less but eat more often.

4. When Do You Tick?

4. When Do You TickOur bio-clock is different than the regular clock and everyone’s bio-clock ticks differently. That is why it is important that you are aware of the time when you ‘tick’, i.e when you are most efficient. You should try and study during that time or you can opt to revise during that time, it helps a lot in both cases.

3. Improvise and Optimize

3. Improvise and OptimizeWhy are engineers so awesome? That is because they optimize and improvise with they have. Since you are trying to prepare for exams like an engineer, you should also do the same. When you start your studying; try to tackle the difficult things first because you are fresh. As time passes, you will fatigue and your mental activity will drop. So make use of it while it lasts.

2. Activity Chunks

2. Activity ChunksResearch says that working in small chunks is more effective as compared to a long session of working. You should ideally work without a break for 45 mins and then take a 15 mins break to stretch and move around before getting back to work again.

1. Learning Techniques and Some Dos and Don’ts

1. Learning Techniques and Some Dos and Don’tsUnderstand which learning technique works best for you and stick with it. Keep drinking water during your study sessions since it will keep you fresh and try not to take any stimulants such as caffeine. Make sure that you are getting ample sleep and not lacking on sleep and/or food.

Thats pretty much all you need to do to ace your exams like an engineer! Try out these techniques and let us know in comments if they worked for you.



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