10 Tricks You Can Use To Effectively Utilize Space In Your Refrigerator


Keeping a fridge organized is perhaps one of the hardest tasks that anyone faces. However, with these tips that we have compiled for you, you can make the most out of your fridge. An organized fridge warrants peace of mind and tranquility in your kitchen. Anyhow, enough chit chat, let’s get to the topic!

10. Save Energy

10. Save EnergyUnless you have enough cash that you don’t care where it’s being spent, we suggest you move your fridge about 1-2” away from wall. This will reduce the electricity usage by up to 40%.

9. Instant Shelves

9. Magazine FlyersHere’s how you install instant shelves in your fridge using magazine filers.

8. Lazy Susan

8. Lazy SusanPutting something in the back of your fridge will in most cases result in that item being forgotten about, the solution is to install a lazy susan.

7. Use Baskets Of Different Size

7. OrganizedIf you want to keep your fridge Monica style organized, then you should use baskets and store stuff in those baskets.

6. Location Is Important

6. What Goes WhereRefer to the info graphic guide below to learn how and where to store items in your fridge. Click the image to enlarge

5. Containers are effective

5. ContainersOnce you have installed a lazy susan, you should opt for containers in which you can store leftovers and other items.

4. Fighting Odor

4. Fight the OdorOdours can always spring up in your fridge and while the conventional technique is to use baking soda, a much better option is activated carbon. This will ensure that your food items are not contaminated with foul smell.

3. Effective Method of Storing

3. ContainersThese containers will help you store a plethora of items with ease.

2. How to Keep Bottles from Rolling

2. Bottle DisciplineBring some discipline to those bottles which roll around in your fridge.

1. Stack them

1. Bottle DisciplineHere’s another way of keeping these bottles organized and stacked. Use a file clip as shown to prevent them from rolling over.


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