How To Build Your Own 360-Degree Camera Cheaply

[Image Source: Tinkernut]

Buying a branded 360 camera can be quite an ask, as it can cost at least several hundred dollars. But today we are going to cover a video by a YouTuber Tinkernut; who has made the process of creating a 360-degree camera at your home ridiculously easy. Adding to that, the camera only costs $50 to make, so there’s actually no excuse for not giving this a shot.

Part One

In the first phase, Tinkernut created a fully functional design by using a reflective sphere for recording footage. But the video was blurry, and out of focus, so a rendering software was required to unwrap the video. The quality of the image can be adjusted using a pair of tweezers. It can also be done using software to alter the average values and provide smoother footage.

Part Two

In this video, a 360-degree camera was constructed using USB camera and a Raspberry Pi coupled with a spherical reflective surface. The second part in the series reveals the method of improving on the device for a higher-quality image.

The project is incredibly simple to make, even for the most basic of DIY fanatics. And using a self-made 360 camera will help you expand the horizons of your photography, and that too at such a low cost.

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