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How Technology Has Revolutionized Customer Service

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At the base of any successful business stands a great customer experience. Along the years, you’ve probably come across multiple customer service approaches, things being perfected regularly in this department. Since technology has become a critical mover behind business progress, today’s customer service has been amplified.

Once you start looking into how tech advancements have revolutionized the customer service sector, one of the trends that have gained most appeal and popularity, due to the efficiency provided, is the implementation of chatbots. Chatbots have become a primary tool for brand engagement, improving communication and ensuring the build of a deeper rapport between customer and brands.

The topic of tech and customer experience is quite a vast one, but the following aspects are the most relevant ones, highlighting the impact chatbots and tech in general have had on the way you interact with different types of business.

Seamless live chat

With today’s technology, you can engage with a chatbot in a similar way as you would do with a live customer support employee. You’ve probably been faced at least once with the need of receiving extra information regarding a product on a certain site, for example, and have resorted to the chat box of the platform to ask a question.

With the help of natural language processing methods, chatbots are able to analyze your question, and provide you with a suitable response. Your entire customer experience becomes thus much more convenient, and it’s easier to get the info you need rapidly, without having to search for specific company resources on your own.

Redirecting phone calls to specific business departments

Businesses rely not only on chatbots to automate certain customer experience processes. Software tools are also implemented that facilitate an easier approach on the traditional customer service interaction you’ve become used to in the past – phone calling. If you are in need of actual human support on a particular inquiry, using the contact info provided by a business or another won’t automatically put you on a call with an employee. Bots are being used to make things more effective in this department, by directing calls based on particular needs. When you are trying to reach a certain department, a bot system will identify your request, proceed with the necessary redirections and put on hold music until your call can be taken over by a human operator. This saves businesses time, and also allows you, as a customer, to get the necessary information faster, without being transferred to multiple departments during a single call.

Without bots, an agent would spend 33% of their time simply identifying a customer’s inquiry, so you can easily see what a major influence the use of technology can have here.

24/7 customer service

Another major improvement facilitated by technology, and more particularly, by the use of chatbots, is availability. The requirements you might have from one brand or another could often arise outside business hours. Being able to get an answer on an important question, when human employees are unavailable will naturally influence the customer relationship you have with that specific company. You no longer have to wait for business hours to start to solve an issue, chatbots making 24/7 customer support possible.

A mobile support shift

With business apps increasing in number lately, you can handle a big percentage of your customer inquiries by simply using your mobile device. Brands are focusing now more than ever for their service to be mobile, social, and most of all, available on any channel and at anytime.

Business teams can more easily deliver a faster, smarter and more connected experience with the help of bots and customer relationship management solutions. Benefiting from a successful mobile interaction using a brand’s app has thus become possible, nowadays. The same goes for communication on social media channels. Finding out information and having your question answers with the help of a business Facebook bot, for example, is quite common these days.

Reducing human errors

Because chatbots are created and designed to access a large amount of data, you can be certain you will receive the accuracy you are seeking. While a human employee could always make errors and give you an unclear, irrelevant answer, chatbots aren’t subjected to any of these miscues. What humans might often forget, bots won’t. Despite the fact that human interactions are still needed for extensive customer support issues, bots can solve standard inquires and provide clear, accurate answers on a set of questions that has been first predetermined.

Keeping you connected and engaged

If you think about your customer behavior, purchase patterns and brand loyalty habits, you will easily conclude that you’re usually drawn to businesses that facilitate constant connection. Chatbots improve engagement due to availability and accuracy they ensure. It’s always more convenient to choose brands that come with a convenient approach to customer interactions. When you know you can get the support you demand, regardless of time and day, you will feel more valued as a customer and are likely to choose the same brand later in the future. Engagement is an essential component of business success in these digital times, and among the actions companies are taking in this department, the implementation of the right technological resources stands at the top of the list. When your issues are proactively resolved, when you’re benefiting from an optimal connection with a certain brand, you won’t longer have to search for alternatives in order for your needs to be covered.  

Technology has become part of our everyday life. From both a business’ perspective and a customer’s view, tech advancements related to customer service have been fully embraced, providing a wide range of appealing benefits on both sides. Your interactions with different brands aren’t what they used to be back in the day. You can get the seamless experience you desire, and businesses have the possibility to support your needs in an effective manner. Things are only expected to improve even further in the years to come, and besides chatbots, brands are looking into more tech opportunities to ensure optimal engagement and resourceful interactions.