How Much Is A Book Of Stamps And Where To Buy One

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Stamps are postage vouchers used for postal mail and are generally issued by sovereign states. The stamps often reflect the history, technology, economy, culture, customs, and natural features of a country or region which make stamps have a collection value in addition to postal value. 

Nowadays, collecting stamps might not be as popular a hobby as it once was, but a lot of people still collect stamps. One of the most important supplies that are needed by any collector is a good stamp book. This post will lead you into the stamp book world and help you learn more about the stamp book.

What is a Stamp Book?

A stamp book is often loose-leafed (to allow for expansion), in which a collection of postage stamps may be stored and displayed. The stamp books are the nearly universal means for keeping stamps, used for both beginners’ and world-class collections, and it is common to characterize the size of a collection by its number of books.

One of the most important supplies that are needed by any collector are good stamp books. However, the layout of the stamp book may vary according to the collector’s personal preference and the reason for collection. These books are used to hold your collection and to make sure that they are well protected from dirt, dust, pollution, and any other kind of damage. Most of the collectors hold their collection to be very dear to them so they make sure that the collection remains safe. You may choose the stamp book from an extensive range of worldwide books having just enough space for the common stamps to the ones that have exclusive spaces for the different stamps of a particular country.

How Much is a Book of Stamps?

Do you know the value of a stamp book in your collection? Or have you come across a stamp book laying around your home and you want to know if it is valuable? Besides, Do you still want to know how much to buy a stamp book? These days, there are many price guides available online that can be checked not only to determine the value of a collection but also to stay up to date regarding any changes in the stamp book price. 

The price for one book of stamps differs due to their types. There are many types of stamps. Every type has a different price for one book. There are many factors that affect the value of the stamp book like country of origin, condition, age, and so on. A book of 20 stamps cost about USD10. The rates of the stamps are the same everywhere as per the standard rates set by the USPS. So, you can buy the stamps from any Super Store such as Walmart, Amazon or Costco, etc. Besides, you can see some books of stamps offered by different sources, if it is a commemorative stamp book like National Parks Forever postage stamps, the price will be more expensive.

Here is a list about Book of Stamps Now 2020 (Post Office/Retail Rates)

Where to Buy a Stamp Book?

If you are looking for a nearby place where you can buy a stamp book immediately, you can choose to go to the nearby post office or other physical stores to buy them. If you are willing to wait a few days for your stamp book, you can find places to buy stamps online. 

Buy a stamp book offline

  • USPS or Royal Mail post offices
  • Walmart
  • 7-Eleven
  • Staples
  • Most pharmacies
  • Some banks
  • Most local newsagents and grocery stores
  • Supermarkets & superstores
  • Gas stations

Buy a stamp book online

You can also buy stamp books online from USPS, Amazon, and more. 

How to Make a PDF Stamp Book?

If you have a lot of stamps to be stored, it is advisable to convert those into a PDF format. You can go to some websites like the Stamp Web, Philosateleian, and so on to download the PDF stamp book. These websites provide free U.S. stamp album pages for collectors, the stamp books have been generously shared by the respective authors for non-commercial use only. 

If you need to make some notes in your stamp book, you can use the “Edit PDF” tool in the EasePDF which can help you add text, images, shapes, and so on. It can help you to customize your own PDF file online with simple manipulation.

We believe this post will help you to collect more creative and unique stamp books and get your own PDF stamp book easily!

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