This House In Missouri Comes With A Cloud Of Its Own That Rains On Demand

Cloud House (2)

Sunshine is a blessing to most, but some desire rains. If you live in a place where it is mostly summers, you naturally crave rains.  Mathew Mazzotta, an artist in Missouri, built a cloud house to treat your rain cravings. All you have to do is sit on a rocking chair in the house, and the cloud structure on the top will begin to rain.

Source: Mathew Mazzotta

Do not worry about the wastage of clean water for the artificial rain. The pavilion is installed with a cloud sculpture that collects rainwater and releases it whenever someone inside the building sits. The cloud sculpture is crafted from recycled materials with a purpose to bring awareness about the importance of the natural cycles on which humans depend on for their existence.

Source: Mathew Mazzotta

This is how the artists Mazzotta talks about his cloud house:

“Located at Springfield, MO’s largest farmers’ market, CLOUD HOUSE is a poetic counterpoint to the busy market, inviting visitors to a meditative space in which they can slow down, enjoy the fresh edible plants, and listen to the rain on a tin roof. “

The house is entirely covered in barn wood and tin, all of which has been reclaimed from a farm abandoned by a group of Amish builders. The cloud house is meant to bring a look and feel of a rural farm with rocking chairs placed on a barn wood floor and the tin roof.

Source: Mathew Mazzotta

The structure collects the natural rainwater into an underground storage tank using a gutter system. Whenever you sit on the rocking chair, a pump is activated that brings the collected rainwater up to the cloud. The cloud then releases this water onto the roof as tiny rain droplets. This water flows over the windowsills to water the plants while creating the sweet sound of rain on the roof.

Source: Mathew Mazzotta

The cloud depends on natural rainwater, so it will not rain during periods of drought. Another realization of how much humans depend on natural cycles.

Source: Mathew Mazzotta

Have a look at the spectacular cloud raining all over.


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