This House Can Fold And Unfold Itself In Only 10 Minutes

Ten Fold Engineering is challenging the norms of conventional architecture as they look to redefine the concept of mobile living using its foldable houses! Yes, you read that right, house that can fold and pack itself with a mere push of a button and can be taken with you wherever you travel.

Via Ten Fold Engineering

The uBox prefab home, designed by Ten Fold Engineering, folds itself in less than ten minutes, and is not only transportable but also requires no builders, cranes or foundations to be erected or packed.

Via Ten Fold Engineering

‘It’s a big space in a small box,’ says the UK company’s promo video.

The prefab structure’s floors, roof, and walls fold like an accordion, and just as easily open and erect back up requiring only a hand-held battery-powered drill.

Via Ten Fold Engineering

The house, when fully deployed, measures out to be 64 sq m, which is comparable to any typical tiny home, and offers 20 sq m of storage with internal walls that can be re-configured to divide the space. The cabin can also be made entirely self-sufficient using solar panels and off-grid technologies.

Via Ten Fold Engineering

Ten Fold houses’ prices start from £100,000 for a basic uBox unit which is small enough to fit on the bed of a standard truck.

‘This is the solution for mobile housing, offices, shops, exhibitions, restaurants, workshops, clinics, schools and everything else that needs to get there easily,’ says the company.


Will you prefer your conventional home or this foldable house? Share your views in the comments section below.


  1. James Smith Reply

    What about infrastructure connections? Water, power, sewage, etc.?

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