Face Shaped Sculpture Can Move Its 42 Stainless Steel Plates And Is the Best Piece of Modern Art

Famed Czech artist David Cerný has once again mesmerized the world with his creativity and innovation; this time in the shape of a sculpture called ‘K’. This is an amazing show of technology and design that comprises of 42 individual plates of stainless steel. These plates weigh almost 45 tons and 38 of these plates move in horizontal circles to create a giant face pattern of the most well-known literary figures of the 20th century; Franz Kafka.

Via Wikimedia Commons

As Lonley Planet writes in honor of the sculpture,

“Located in the courtyard of the Quadrio shopping center above Národní t?ída metro station, David ?erný’s giant rotating bust of Franz Kafka is formed from some 39 tonnes of mirrored stainless steel. It’s a mesmerizing show as Kafka’s face rhythmically dissolves and re-emerges, possibly playing on notions of the author’s ever-changing personality and sense of self-doubt.”

The pieces shift in complete synchronous pattern using an underlying mechanical system to create and dissolve the rockstar author’s face. This creates an illusion of ‘metal-morphosis’ that closely details even the most intricate aspect of Kafka’s face like his mid-parted hairstyle and sharp features. The bust was revealed on July 3, 2017, which marked the 134th anniversary of the writer’s birthday.

Watch the jaw-dropping sculpture in all its glory below:

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