Watch How Hot Can Your Car Brakes Get With This Thermal Camera Video

hot do brake calipers get

You might not know this, but your car brakes, or any brakes in general, purely use friction to decelerate or stop the motion. This means that your car brakes’ calipers, brake pads and shoes undergo significant wear and tear, especially due to the high temperatures they bear resulting from the friction.

But how hot do the things get down there? Usually the wheel disk goes up to about 100 to 200 degree Celsius on an average day, which is why most of the brake fluids have a boiling temperature above 200 degrees, and this number goes down as the fluid ages. But on a hot day, these temperatures can pile up to over 500 degrees, which gives you an indication on how important it is to replace the brake fluid and keep constant maintenance on brake wire, pads etc.

This video from “Engineering Explained” shows the distribution of this heat on particular points along the brake disc using a very cool heat camera.


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