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Horrifying Video Shows Model Getting Hit In Her face By A Drone During A Fashion Shoot

Being an aspiring model is no easy job. There is no dearth of challenges to overcome; including a drone flying into your face.

Jess Adams, an aspiring model and actress, learned last Saturday that the clichés about breaking into the showbiz are quite real. The 25-year-old was in Malibu modeling some ensembles for her photographer friend when a drone flew right onto her face.


Image Source: Instagram


The Ohio-based model was posing on a rocky cliff when the drone being used for the shoot, hit her in her face.

What Adams got instead was a four-propeller drone straight to the face. You can watch the video of the shocking accident below:



Apparently the drone was taking a few close-up shots of Adams when it was pushed by a draft of wind into the model’s face. Adams also voiced her support for the pilot delivering him from any blame.


Image Source: Daily Mail


The four-propeller drone could have caused her some serious harm, but fortunately, she escaped the attack with just a few slight bruises and a black eye. The model checked into ER to ensure that everything was OK.


Image Source: Instagram


The drone involved in the accident was the DJI Inspire 1 camera drone, which previously made headlines for cutting the fingers of Enrique Iglesias. Adam retained her sunny composure and reassured her fans that she was doing good via her Instagram posts.

“If you’re gonna get hit in the face with a drone, [you] better at least be able to watch it and die laughing.”

However, she also posted a picture of her black eye stating that her future children would never understand her fear for flying objects/robots.