New Amphibious Drone Can Shoot Both Aerial And Underwater Video

Amphibious HexH2o Drone

Finally a drone is here that is capable of shooting underwater and aerial video – The HexH2o. It comes with 2 propellers and a myriad of extra features. The drone has a carbon/epoxy fiber body that is waterproof and can float. This means that users are capable of flying it and landing it into a comparatively calm water surface, take shots below water surface and get it in air again.
Amphibious HexH2o Drone 4
Amphibious HexH2o Drone 3

The company owners disclosed that HexH20 has certain advantages when compared with other drones. It has spare motors/props that come into play in case of a motor failure and ensure that the aircraft remains in flight. It also has an internal fan and a heat sink mounted on the exterior that allows the machinery from getting more than optimum hot when the drone is in flight.Amphibious HexH2o Drone

The drone sports a DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal that can be used for mounting a Go Pro Hero camera. By having the Zenmuse tilted up and down when the drone lands on water, users can shoot above and below surface footage with the dome-shaped viewing port. It has folding carbon fiber prop arms that make repairs and transportation quite easy.

HexH20 can crank a flight time of 25 minutes on a single charge given the dual 6,500mAh batteries are being used. However, users can also opt for a single battery if the flight is short. The drone also makes use of DJI Innovtions’ motors and props while featuring the Naza V2 flight control system that is augmented with GPS.Amphibious HexH2o Drone 2

If you order a completely assembled vehicle along with all parts, HexH2o will cost you $3,658 minus the batteries and Go Pro though. However, if you like building it with your own parts then you can get the main body parts and electronics for a price of $895. The QuadH2o – company behind this – will be taking preorders in the 2nd week of January, 2015 and shipping will begin about 4 weeks from then. Who’s going to place an order?

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