Honest Kenyan Man Accidentally Received KSh 91k – Reverses Transaction

A Kenyan guy received KSh 91,988 in his Mpesa account by mistake. Tuko reported that the individual, identified as Kiziah Philbert, returned the funds to the sender because he values honesty.

Treasury trader and Alternative Income coach Kiziah Philbert asserted on his Facebook page that he awakened to find the money. A guy called James and then sent him an email asking for the money back.

“I kindly request the reversal of KSh 91,988 I mistakenly sent to your account through the pay bill on November 11, 2022, at 2:34 pm. Find the attachment,” the email from James to Kiziah read.

Kiziah continued by saying that he returned the money since his parents had raised him this way.

“A hard-working Kenyan somewhere mistakenly sent me KSh 100,000 while I was asleep. I woke up and found his email request. I refunded him, not because I have money but because that’s how my parents taught me,” he posted on Facebook.

A Kenyan called Stephen Waiganjo performed another act of honesty by returning KSh 100,000 that had been given to him by accident.

Waiganjo stated to TUKO.co.ke that after giving the money back, he needed KSh 400 to travel home. He further noted that he lacked the resources to support his children’s schooling.

“After returning the money, I did not have fare to go back home, and I had to call my friend. They sent KSh 800 fare for me and another friend who had accompanied me. I got home at 9 pm.”

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