Amazing Video Shows The Artemis-I Rocket Leaving The Earth Behind


Prior to actually sending people back to the Moon after a half-century break, NASA must first examine how the Artemis I mission plays out. The Orion capsule is on its way to our natural satellite after being launched on November 16 atop NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

Thanks to a new timelapse published on Twitter, we can observe how the capsule rapidly leaves Earth as our globe shrinks. The view is incredibly breathtaking as it commemorates a watershed point in human space exploration while also serving as a wake-up call that we are extremely small in the grand scheme of things.

We can also see the Sun in the same frame as it appears above the Earth, dominating the footage. Our star seems willing to remind us that we can’t survive without it.

NASA released yet another fantastic video:

If the upcoming Artemis mission succeeds as planned, the next stop will be the planet Mars. However, astronomers will need a lot more information to know if travelling to Mars and staying there, even for a short period, is feasible.

No humans are on board the Orion capsule, so don’t get too excited. NASA intends to deploy people to the Moon no later than 2025.


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